Secret places, I kept for only
You, my one and only true,
Still now as the cracked facade
Hidden away, those secrets
Knowing the path leading
o’er crags, lovely treacherous,
illuminated by sparkling eyes.
Secrets between souls
The easy giving love
received and taken
ever outlasting, short sweet
times we shared in solitude.
Consumed in longing, to behold
the glory brought by loving
O’ so bittersweet memories
cherished rapture engrained,
wrapped around my very cells,
Secret parts, mine not to tell,
they are yours forever more.
I hide you there amongst
brief days and endless nights.
Living, only slightly existing,
inside my not so revealed
Counteracted, offset with euphoria
grateful and blessed to have
been a witness of an extraordinary
bond of unity, love can
hardly express what you will
always be to me.
Dearest friend, beat of my heart,
every exhale whispers your
Seeking the remnants left,
numb loss, only to find
tears written, stream across
a valley of the divided
Cross, I will sooner now
wait for me there precious
It shall not be long
as these hours drag into false eternity
Watch for me, my steps to hear
run to me as I appear.
Holding you in my arms again
tiny kisses that I miss
save them, I will collect
when we reunite at

(C)2017 Dedhedpoet
Andrea Travis


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