More Missing You

This is more than missing you
Unlike being ten minutes late
Making you wait without a call
I know, those few minutes were
Spent staring out the window
Waiting on headlights pulling in
You always missed me, the minute
I was late, was too long
This is much more than
Just missing you today
Ten minutes can never compare
To not knowing when at all
Missing your face every 23 seconds
Yesterday went on and on
With dawn, here comes it again
Realizing every single morning
That I will miss you all day long
Missing you is agony
Forever at its end
Not looking forward to
Another birthday or year
So much more than missing you
Wanting to get back
Every minute I made you wait
So I could just be with you
In this life a little longer
More missing and missing and more.
(C) 2017 Dedhedpoet
Andrea Travis


Light Night

Say no more of your darkness
Impending fear grips, then the pitch
surrounds, heightened senses bring up
the ground, afraid of the dark as
a child would be.
Blinded in black, none left to see.

The path towards light, uncertainties
the white-hot still carries it in
me, stumbling in the sun bright
vast so unclear.
Ever now lost in summer fear.

Dwelling shadows, twilight sublime
The lilac clouds wrap comforting
Traveling high, carefree engulfed
hues pink, spirits about, around
as restfully.
Floating through all as dreamily.

Anxiety in the light night.

(C) 2017 Dedhedpoet
Andrea Travis

Recycling Originality

bending notes.
bending words.
bending the air, light.

the population bites its fingernails
ever nibbling the refuse produced
in overly-productive workspaces
all quality deficient, ever surplus
junk food for thought.

communicating nothing
connecting and feeling
within this void
we all have empty hands
communicate with empty words.

creatively expressing the meaningless
recycling originality, ideas, thought
getting paid to non-convey
we have relaxed into this tub
using 1000 words, instead of one.

fresh and unjaded youth
stay in your moment, life
dreams of the past, won’t last
they evoked nothing, the point
whisper well to me of fires blazing.

bend those words cold, remain in truth.
bending notes.
air.                and light.
(C) 2017 Dedhedpoet
Andrea Travis

Summer Under Stars

We had our~
Summer under the stars~
Long hot days and~
Lazy afternoons~
Sultry evenings~
Turned into moon~
Melting nights during~
That summer under stars~
Remembering how you glistened~
With sun tossed hair~
Sweat rolling down~
Your coffee soaked skin~
How beautiful you were~
To me in those forgotten~
Mornings we shared~
The days of lost bliss~
The taste of your kiss~
I learned what rapture meant.
©2016 Andrea Travis


My mind bound~
But the possibilities~
Have no limit~
Deep within~
Desires struggle~
Chained thoughts~
Writhe in discomfort~
Imaginations long~
To take mortal form~
All higher functions~
Locked away~
Only the primitive remain~
Pleasure & Pain
©2016 Dedhedpoet